This site serves as an archive of my blog. Please see hayleydunning.com for my updated site.

I’m a science communicator working at Imperial College London as a research media officer for the Faculty of Natural Sciences, happily creating all manner of science news, features and multimedia.

I previously worked at the Natural History Museum in London as a science web editor and digital content producer after graduating in 2013 from the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia, Canada. There I focused on science, environment and energy issues, winning the Rafe Mair Award for Excellence in Journalism for my thesis work on fracking in BC.

I previously earned an MSci in Environmental Geosciences from the University of Bristol, and more recently an MSc in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada. I’m originally from the UK, and have also lived in Iceland and Finland.

My background left me with a great interest and expertise in environmental and earth science issues, but I like to read and cover a wide variety of science topics. I’ve written on everything from body clocks to dinosaurs, through cancer to quantum mechanics’ role in the Big Bang.

I love to dabble with multimedia tools, undertaking projects in photography, video, audio and data visualisation. I also blog here about life, science, and whatever irks or excites me about the things I’m researching.

Einstein and I


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