Depression and the dream therapist

I think we’re fascinated with our dreams because we believe they tell us something about ourselves. But while they may not predict the future or even tell us much about our … Continue reading

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Blink, blink, blink. The lights winked out in every major city of the world. ‘Knowledge is power’ they used to say, but he lived by the mantra ‘energy is power’. And this was his cathedral. While other civilisations faded and failed, he kept Reykjavik going by playing his harp.

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The unpredictable fire-mountains of Iceland

Things on my mind: Moving house. So much work at the Museum. LAVA!! Iceland is erupting. As I write, there is lava pouring out of the barren ground between Europe’s largest … Continue reading

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A Feathery Tale

Between lunch and the deep afternoon, I regularly take a walk in Hyde Park. Though the path and the trees are familiar enough to me, there is only one pair of animals I recognise. Where the Long Water and the path meet side-by-side and by height, a couple of coots have made a nest.

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Were dinosaurs doing well or doomed to extinction?

Today, the press are widely reporting on a paper about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Except, the vast majority are not reporting on the paper. They’re reporting on the speculation of … Continue reading

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I’m not an athlete, and BMI is still bollocks

I’ve been on a campaign since January to get back to my pre-Canada weight (damn North America your portions are too big). I have a few metrics for checking my … Continue reading

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Got crabs? Eat them!

There’s a tide of unwanted foreigners hitching a ride on ships to Britain. No, I haven’t gone over all Daily Mail; the invaders are Asian shore crabs. They’re a highly … Continue reading

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Onwards to Mars

“To unambiguously settle the questions of whether there was life on Mars it will take scientists down on the surface.” This is the quote that made me sit up and … Continue reading

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A tale of lungs, mistaken identity, and the importance of negative results

The results are not of sufficiently general interest. That’s what the journal said. What they were turning down, however, was proof that research they previously had deemed interesting enough to … Continue reading

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Tough love

It’s not a secret to most of you that I’m on the look out for love. I like being with somebody, sharing life, all that good stuff. I spend a … Continue reading

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I also saw a cute #robin singing his lungs out in a tree #hydepark I'm not entirely sure what was going on here, but this policeman seemed to be 'encouraging' the swan to go back in the water. Then a police van rolled up #seriousincident #callforbackup #hydepark Birds be like 'How am I standing on water?' The pilgrimage is complete! Summer and now winter #solstice at #Stonehenge



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