Journalistic science at last!

Our latest J-School project has been one of my favourite so far. We got to create an audio slideshow, an increasingly popular medium of narration or, more often, interview subject(s) speaking over photos illustrating their words. I liked this for a couple of reasons; one is that I love photos and I’m increasingly enjoying audio, and the other is that we got some freedom on what we could pick as a subject. This goes along with our blogging assignment, giving us less restrictions on the topic, so I can finally do science !

For this, we worked in pairs, and my journalism spouse Gudrun and I picked this astrophysics professor who I had interviewed before for the student newspaper and always wanted an excuse to go back and chat to. And it was fun knowing we could ask him anything. Well, we had some ideas of what we wanted to create of course, but we got to ask him about his life, his way of doing things.

I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just let you watch it! Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow embedding of this type, but you can watch it via this link (my old Blogger blog!):

Watch it here (NOTE: They wanted the pictures to only be 600×450 pixels for the project, so the photo quality isn’t great, it’s best to keep it small rather than fullscreen. I might work on a more high-res version, but that would involve editing all the pictures again since I only saved them in this format…dang!)


UPDATE: I did actually do all that work, the HD version:


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