Cat rescue wrap-up

All right, I’ll admit it, I’ve been avoiding posting for a while, and it’s largely because I’ve made no moves on the cat rescue homeopathy fiasco. The reasons are many and complex, and a little personal, but there are other posts I want to make, other topics I want to talk about, so it’s time to clear the air, as it were.

I don’t want to make VOKRA out as a bad guy. I think a part of their problem is too many cooks; I interacted with 3 or 4 different people there over the course of the fiasco, each of which saw the issue in a different way. Although, in the end, they all defended their position, and ended up simply not replying any more, which is extremely frustrating. But, they’re an overall great organization, doing one bad thing, which they defended. Which undeniably still annoys me and concerns me.

But I don’t want an all-out assault on them. I couldn’t help the feeling launching a campaign bent on making them change was just going to be the wrong approach. What would be the right approach? I don’t know. Because I’ve never done anything like this before  And I don’t think I’m prepared to take something like this on and be able to ensure any action was run in a way that didn’t make VOKRA out to be a bad guy.

Why aren’t I ready? Isn’t it time for me to break out of writing, reading and observing skepticism and take it onto the streets? One reason is that I am still young in my career as a science journalist, and I want to be more established and confident before I start this sort of thing. The other is where it’s a little personal – as I’ve said once before buried deep in this blog, I suffer from depression and anxiety. It had been getting a lot better, and I stopped taking antidepressants in May, but this summer most of my friends went off to internships in other cities, my partner went off to work in the field for 7 weeks, and my internship was skype-based, all of which adds up to days on end of isolation in my apartment. Which, as you might well imagine, is not helpful to a recovering depressant! While I managed to avoid going back on the pills, my anxiety has been through the roof, and a wash of sudden attention and pressure was a little too much for me.

It makes me feel weak, yes. People love to tell you that depression is not weakness, but it never stops it feeling that way. I had a chance to take some real skeptical action, to right a wrong, and I let it slide. I’ll always regret it, but I hope that in the future, when I’m more experienced, established, knowledgeable, and have, er, more balanced brain chemistry, I won’t let the next one slide.

The VOKRA business still riles me up even now, and if it still nags you, I still encourage you to ask them questions ( All I ask is that you don’t attack them. And please accept my apologies at not taking it further!

All the best,



3 thoughts on “Cat rescue wrap-up

  1. Hey Hayley,
    I admit I was away all of July so I missed the cat history, so I can’t speak to any of that. But I do want to just say that you’re a strong, clever, funny, and fantastic person and where you see weakness in your depression, I see an awesome person being strong and working through something that is difficult. I wish you luck and strength and all those good things. As always, feel free to get in touch :).

  2. I think in a small nonprofit like VOKRA, the most effective means might be to get involved and work from the inside. They are likely short on volunteers and would be far more appreciative of donors and or volunteers who could offer some constructive help.

  3. […] But a small part of it has another motive: I’ve been trying to bury this post – Cat rescue wrap-up. Why? Because in it I admit that depression held me back from true action, and following up on my […]

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