Being an adult

I work at The Natural History Museum in London.

I have two Masters in Science and a Masters in Journalism, and I finally have an adult job.

My job title is ‘science web editor’ – day-to-day I get pages of info from scientists about their research and the collections and I edit it for the website. I also write some of the news for the homepage, which is the real fun part, I like the immediacy of news, talking to scientists, learning and knocking up a piece.

I go to meetings. Meetings! How grown up.


I got to go to two exclusive nights at the Museum ice skating this week, and have been to a few other things at Museums in the city. I work for a place whose primary mission is not money, although admittedly things do work slowly. It’s been a mission of theirs for years to raise the profile of the science that goes on behind the scenes, yet many folk still don’t know we have over 300 researchers!

The section of the site I work on daily is ‘Research and curation’. Go on, go and find it. It’s down a worm hole, and is pretty incomplete (that’s where I come in). The idea is to create all the pages, put all the information up, then when the new website launches there will be ways to pull up that information in a more intuitive and intriguing way. Well, that’s the idea! It’ll take time, of course.

So this is my life. I have my first real job and I started somewhere awesome, at a good level, at something I actually want to do and enjoy doing.

To be honest, I’m quite bemused by the whole thing! I’ve been studying so long and working hard at it that to come to this point is sort of halting. What am I working towards? How long will it take? What steps do I have to achieve? Honestly, being a student for so long may have been unhealthy for me!


One thought on “Being an adult

  1. Congrats Hayley! I know your post is a little hesitant (and whoahhhhh do I get that), but can I just say that this sounds like a great job and a good fit for you. I’m impressed and excited for you :).
    Don’t stop pushing, maybe you just need to push in a different direction and at a different pace now. I think you’re incredibly smart and talented and I’m always excited to see where your pushing takes you.
    Best of luck!

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