What happens if you fall into a black hole? – Animation exploring the science of encountering a black hole, to celebrate 100 years of the theory of general relativity

What does it take to be a scientific explorer in Antarctica? – Words and pictures from Professor Martin Siegert, Antarctic scientist and explorer

Even NASA Screws Up – Dr Rosie Redfield challenging NASA’s arsenic life claim. Appeared on The Guardian blogs and Improbable Research

Fracking concerns of the Fort Nelson First Nation – accompaniment to feature article Report from Fracked Up Fort Nelson on The Tyee

Sensational Butterflies – audio slideshow for the opening of the Natural History Museum exhibition

A History of Life in 100 Fossils – audio slideshow for a Natural History Museum book

Coral reefs, lessons from the past – accompaniment to Natural History Museum feature article

Corals: up close and personal – audio slideshow for a Natural History Museum exhibition

Phylo card game – audio slideshow to accompany Playing With Ecology. Also appeared on The Huffington Post

Audio slideshow of astrophysics professor and personality Jaymie Matthews

Making earthquake predictions for BC – data visualization sidebar to Preparing for British Columbia’s ‘Big One’


Radio voicer for Japan earthquake memorial event

Meet the Bugs – photo slideshow to accompany The Bug Zoo


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